It is all about vision.


The miniaturization of components and spacecraft and the dramatic lowering of production and launch costs of satellites is leading to a revolution in the use of space. What was previously the preserve of large companies and consortia is now open to young enterprises springing up all over the world and full of new ideas about how small satellites technology can be used to make a better world. The revolution brought about by this 'democratization'  of the use of space is just starting and the possibilities are immense, with applications ranging from climate and environment missions to communications, from IoT to tracking assets and much more.


Orbital Solutions is particularly focused on  small satellite technologies applications for the weather/climate and the environment.


We participate in the New Space revolution in different ways. By fostering international cooperation in a variety of projects in creative ways. By leveraging on our state-of-the-art Monaco-based production facility (for assembly, integration and testing of nanosatellites) and on our first-class engineering team. By leveraging on our  first-class international network of industrial partners. Orbital Solutions is not tied to any one technology or application and acts more as a platform or an opportunistic actor. We are thus constantly evaluating vartious commercial and scientific projects as well as new technologies. Yet we believe new commercial projects need to be firmly grounded in solid business cases. Our solid business experience and our privileged access to financial networks worldwide enable us to devise innovative solutions to fund projects. Depending on the project/mission OSM can propose solutions involving nanosatellites or microsatellites in cooperation with its industrial partners who are among the best in the world.

Orbital Solutions is truly unique is as an enabler of the small satellites industry, with initiatives such as our Fleet Partnership Program (FPP) by which we build and launch - at our own cost - satellites which we then contribute to selected third-party constellations in exchange for a share of revenues. The FPP is a unique business model pioneered by Orbital Solutions which enables young enterprises to accelerate the deployment of their fleets of small satellites at no cost to them. In the context of our FPP we are proud to have produced in our laboratory OSM-1 CICERO, the first satellite ever built in Monaco. Laun,ched just a year after we started our activities, this nanosatellite is  the first of several 6U OSM nanosatellites based on a TYVAK platform and carrying a payload based on state-of-the-art Radio Occultation technology originally conceived at NASAJPL and which we are contributing to GEOOPTIC's expanding CICERO constellation.  

In line with our desire to integrate ourselves in our community and in particular share our passion for New Space with young people, Orbital Solutions is also involved in educational projects such as New Space webinars for young students, internships and is developing school satellite building programs.

It has been said that small satellites are going to become an essential element in facing global challenges. At Orbital Solutions we are passionate about actively participating in this revolution and we believe the best solutions stem from a fully  collaborative approach among different actors from the promising world of 'New Space'. 

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