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Team Meeting


Dedicated to the world of New Space

To us, New Space means an entrepreneurial approach involving new ideas, new ways to look at missions, technologies or markets, new ways to collaborate and do things in relation to space and its technologies.

We  believe in an open, collaborative approach  across borders, and in aggregating the best in terms of technologies and talent in order to devise innovative  solutions.


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  • Bold ideas, thorough and professional execution

  • Collaborative approach across skills and borders

  • Technology is at the service of the mission

  • Select and agregate the best technologies and partners for a mission

  • Make it happen



Our agile structure, multi-disciplinary capabilities  and first-class industry network enable us to opportunistically get involved in different types of projects, as principal, as enabler, or as provider of support services to third parties.

Enabler of new projects

Launching new initiatives and missions to make the world a better place.


Aggregator of technologies

Select and aggregate the best technologies and partners to make it happen.


Execution capabilities

Combining technological prowess with collaboration and financial creativity.

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