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Space Satellite



September, 2nd.

OSM launched its first satellite, OSM-1 CICERO, from the Kourou space center in French Guyana, with Arianespace’s Vega VV16 rocket.

  • Bus: 6U-nanosatellite, Tyvak platform

  • Form: 10cmx20cmx30cm, 10kg

  • Mission: collect precise weather data by Radio Occultation (RO)

  • Payload RO technology: from GeoOptics, originally developed at NASA/JPL 



The first satellite ever made in Monaco, OSM1-CICERO carried a sophisticated radio occultation (RO) payload originally conceived at JPL/NASA and its mission was to collect atmospheric/weather data. This satellite became part of the CICERO fleet promoted by GeoOptics and commercial data sales to NOAA, the world’s foremost weather agency, started within a few months after launch.


IMG_1170-OSM (1).JPG


RoseyCubesat-1 is the first 1-U educational satellite resulting from OSM's STEMSAT educational program.  Launch: 2023.


Assembled in OSM's laboratory, it is made from a 1-U platform from ISIS Space. It carries a dual-camera payload from MVP and will transmit telemetry and pictures to the 13-18 years-old students who participated in the program.

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