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The ultimate school project:
a satellite built by students
and launched into space

STEMMSAT educational program

STEMMSAT: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for Miniature Satellites

Young people are fascinated by everything related to space. Yet during their school years they are not exposed to the world of space in any meaningful or practical way, missing out on aspects of personal development and career inspiration.


We created STEMMSAT, the world's first New Space engineering and small satellites discovery educational program where young students 13-18 end-up building a miniature satellite that is launched into space.




From class to space

An extra-curricular, hands-on educational program taught by real aerospace engineers, STEMMSAT can be easily added to a school schedule and has been successfully implemented in schools in several countries.


" Access to quality extra-curricular courses becomes the key element in improving the skills of kids".

Ashish Gupta, CEO of Bambinos

Teaching new generations

In line with our desire to help young people discover the fascinating world of New Space, in OSM we have launched a series of educational initiatives  in Monaco and abroad of which STEMMSAT is the flagship program.

Conducted by OSM’s enthusiastic aerospace engineers, our educational programs aim at providing an unforgettable, practical and enriching experience for students in a congenial atmosphere.


We can also develop bespoke educational programs to fit specific needs and budgets.





Hands-on experience for students

In line with our desire to be of service to young students we have been providing internships. 

Internships are subject to availability and may, in the future, be extended to university and doctoral and research students from abroad.



Learning about space from home

During sanitary confinement in 2020 OSM organized a series of webinars for students of schools from Monaco on various topics related to space and ranging from the New Space revolution to specific topics such as small satellite systems engineering.

Building on the success of these webinars OSM may, from time to time, continue to organize webinars and events directed at young people from Monaco and abroad.


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