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Faster deployment of your fleet

at no extra cost to you.

Everybody can build & launch a couple of demo satellites. But deploying a full fleet of 20 or 30+ satellites is another story: it requires lots of capital which takes a long time to raise and results in painful ownership dilution (especially for a young enterprise).

Yet fast deployment of your fleet is essential to secure the trust of your customers and beat your competitors to the market.


How can you speed-up the deployment of your fleet 
without using your own precious cash? 

With our Fleet Partnership Program 'FPP' we build and launch satellites for your fleet – at our own cost.

We contribute these satellites to your constellation in exchange for a share of revenues. 

The FPP is an innovative and cooperative business model pioneered by OSM that enables young enterprises to accelerate the deployment of their fleets of small satellites at no cost to them. 


In the context of our FPP we are proud to have produced in our laboratory OSM-1 CICERO, the first satellite ever built in Monaco. 

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