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Science Museum Space Exploration

New Space technologies for a better world

We are particularly passionate about applying New Space and small satellites technologies to help solve problems related to the environment, the protection of oceansclimate change and education.


Francesco M. Bongiovanni

Founder & CEO , Dr. Engr., MBA (Harvard)

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Latest News

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Assembling Spacecraft

Enabler of new projects,
aggregator of technologies

Launching new initiatives and missions to 

make the world a better place.

Alone or with partners we create, develop and launch innovative applications, projects and missions, using New Space and small satellite technologies.

The power of combining technological prowess with collaboration and financial creativity.

Our unique combination of skills and our first class industry network enable us to aggregate the best technologies, partners, talent and resources and to structure and fund new initiatives in innovative ways to make it happen

Industrial partners and affiliates 

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