GNSS radio occultation (RO) is a technique that uses signals exchanged between a low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite and a GNSS/GPS geostationnary satellite to obtain real-time measurements of the state of our atmosphere.

The power of combining technological prowess, collaboration among partners and financial creativity

Unlike many enterprises in this sector, OSM is not a spinoff from a university, company or lab. OSM was not born to promote a specific technological application/platform, nor is its objective to become one more integrator. 


OSM was created ex-novo to participate opportunistically in the new sector of very small satellites, constrained only by its own imagination.


This opportunistic approach to technological advances, coupled with its founders' first class international business networks, access to funding and experience in devising innovative solutions to fund projects,  mean OSM can pick and choose where it should get involved and maximize the chances of success by collaborating with the appropriate industrial partners on a given mission.