The ultimate school project: A satellite built by students and launched into space

Young people are fascinated by everything related to space. Yet during their school years they are not exposed to the world of space in any meaningful or practical way, missing out on aspects of personal development and career inspiration.

Teaching new generations

In line with our desire to help young people discover the fascinating world of New Space, in OSM we have launched a series of educational initiatives  in Monaco and abroad.

Managed by OSM’s enthusiastic engineers, these programs aim at providing an unforgettable, practical and educational experience for students in a congenial atmosphere.


From theory to orbit

OSM has developed STEMSAT, the world’s first, comprehensive educational program designed to expose young students to the world of New Space in a practical, hands-on way.

The program exposes students to a comprehensive space project, from theory to practice, introduces them to engineering, team work and practical problem solving, and culminates with the fabrication, directly by the students, of a miniature satellite (Cubesat) to be launched into orbit.

This exciting and unique program can easily be added to a school’s extra-curricular activities and tailor-adapted to its needs and schedule.

L’espace à portée de main! Âgés de 13 à 17 ans, des élèves de 3 établissements de la Principauté ont été sélectionnés afin de créer et d’envoyer dans l’espace, d’ici quelques mois, un nanosatellite grâce à l’entreprise monégasque Orbital Solutions. – February, 11, 2021 · Monaco Info


OSM has launched this program in the Principality of Monaco under the name of Z-SAT, involving students from several schools (Collège Charles III, FANB and The International School of Monaco), with the blessing of Direction de l’Éducation Nationale de la Jeunesse et des Sports (Monaco’s ministry of education).


Learn about internships oportunities.


Learn about space, from home.

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