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Dedicated to the world of New Space

and in particular to miniature satellites and their applications with special focus on missions concerning the environment, the climate, ocean protection and education. OSM established its state-of-the-art production facility in the Principality of Monaco and started its activities in 2019. We launched our first nanosatellite in September 2020, the first ever made in Monaco.

Commercial sales of data from our satellite to NOAA, the world’s largest weather agency, started a few months after launch. Our agile results, oriented and cooperative approach and the close relationships we have developed with industrial partners of the highest quality abroad are the hallmark of OSM’s philosophy.


We strongly believe in an open, collaborative approach within and across borders, to use the latest and the best in small-satellite technologies in order to devise innovative and optimal solutions and contribute to a better world.

Our Industrial Partners & Affiliates

Our agile structure and international network enable us to opportunistically get involved in different types of projects, as principal, or as enabler, as provider of support services to third parties or in bespoke fashion.

Enabler of New Projects

Launching new initiatives and missions to make the world a better place.

Satellite Manufacturing

We propose solutions involving nanosatellites or microsatellites.

Engineering Services: our team and our facilities at the service of your projects

The power of combining technological prowess with collaboration and financial creativity.

The first new space satellite in operation in Monaco! As part of a visit, HSH Prince Albert II went to meet Francesco M. Bongiovanni, founder of the company Orbital Solutions Monaco (OSM) which manufactures small satellites called: new space and nanosatellite.  – October 10, 2019 · Monaco Info

OSM avails itself of an international team comprising highly qualified engineers combining over 30 years’ experience in the aerospace sector, and entrepreneurs with broad international business experience.

This combination of technological and business know-how enables us to take a uniquely agile, creative, and results-oriented approach to the world of New Space.

The Future is Here

The miniaturization of components and spacecraft and the dramatic lowering of production and launch costs of satellites is leading to a revolution in the use of space. What was previously the preserve of large companies and consortia is now open to young enterprises springing up all over the world and full of new ideas about how small satellites technology can be used to make a better world.

The revolution brought about by this ‘democratization’ of the use of space is just starting and the possibilities are immense, with applications ranging from climate and environmental missions to communications, IoT, assets tracking and more.

Orbital Solutions intends to be a positive force in the development of this fascinating sector


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