With OSM's 'Z-Sat' project, Monaco students will build  a small satellite that will be launched into orbit.

In line with its desire to help young people discover the world of 'New Space', OSM is launching the 'Z-Sat' project with Monaco's Education Nationale, and International School of Monaco pursuant to which a team of students from schools in Monaco (ISM, Charles III and FANB) will build a 1U nanosatellite at OSM's labs, assisted by their science and technology professors and by OSM's engineers. The project will involve satellite building, ground station work as well as AIT, balloon testing, data monitoring etc. and the satellite is expected to be launched into orbit.


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april 15, 5pm

The revolution of 'New Space'

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april 17, 5pm

Careers in 'New Space': the insider view

april 22, 5PM

Embedded software programming