A series of live video sessions with OSM personnel  on various topics related to the exciting world of New Space.

Access: click the link appearing on the Webinar Schedule next to the session you wish to attend and you shall immediately automatically enter the webinar. It is that simple!


Format: 15-20 minutes live presentation on a specific topic by one ore more persons from OSM, immediately followed by a live questions and answers (Q&A) session. Students have no obligation to attend. We do this pro-bono for the students and will try to make it as enjoyable, interactive and informative as we can. 

Schedule:  The schedule herebelow is subject to changes at anytime without notice, so students are advised to check this page from time to time for updates




april 29, 5pm

Small satellites : how they are made, how they work

May 6, 5pm

How to build and launch a small rocket

Session in French and English

May 13, 5pm

Space, orbits & propulsion systems

Guest speaker. MSc. MIT; MBA Harvard; COO ThrustMe

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april 15, 5pm

The revolution of 'New Space'

april 17, 5pm

Careers in 'New Space': the insider view

april 22, 5PM

Embedded software programming