OSM Fleet Partnership Program (FPP):

Faster deployment of your fleet - at no extra cost to you

  • Everybody can build & launch a couple of demo satellites. But deploying a full fleet of 20 or 30+ satellites is another story: it requires lots of capital which takes a long time to raise and results in painful ownership dilution (especially for a young enterprise).


  • Yet fast deployment of your fleet is essential to secure the trust of your customers and beat your competitors to the market.

How can you speed-up the deployment of your fleet without using your own precious cash?


If your project fits our criteria we can build and deploy - at our own cost - satellites which we contribute to your nascent fleet in exchange for a share of fleet-generated revenues.


It is that simple and OSM's unique FPP business model is a win-win proposition.


The power of combining technological prowess with collaboration and financial creativity

OSM strongly believes in an open, collaborative approach to using the latest and the best in small-satellite technologies  in order to devise innovative and optimal solutions.


Depending on the project or mission and in collaboration with world-leading industrial partners, OSM can propose solutions involving nanosatellites or microsatellites. OSM can not only make use of  its own highly experienced technical team as well as of its own production capabilities, but also leverage on a unique network of industrial partners and sub-contractors in its area (Sophia-Antipolis, Cannes, Milano and Torino cluster) and around the world (Europe, USA, Asia).   OSM can also leverage on its own resources, as well as its experience and international network of sources of finance to fund projects it participates in.


Unconstrained by ties to a particular approach, application or technology, our collaborative approach enables us to propose technical solutions based on nanosatellites (1-10 kg) in certain cases or microsatellites (10-100/150 kg) in others, depending on the specific needs of the project or mission.